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Campbell Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Diane Nelson Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA
Eleanor Ettenger Gallery, New York, NY
Krevsky Fine Art, Oakland, CA
Sullivan Goss-An American Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
Winfield Gallery, Carmel, CA

2023 John Wayne Airport Exhibition
2023 The Hot Stove League-Krevsky Fine Art
2020 Say Hey...Art of Baseball-.Krevsky Fine Art
2018 100 Grand Show-Sullivan-Goss Gallery
2015 Ode to the Bridge-ARTSHARE LA
2013 Out of the Park
2012 Artistic Visions Of The Golden Gate
2012 The Art Of Baseball, 15th Annual Exhibition
2009 The 12th Annual Art of Baseball Exhibition
2008 In Transit 
2008 Building A Team, The Art of Baseball
2007 Spring Training, The Art of Baseball
2006 Top of The 9th, The Art of Baseball 
2005 More Than A Game, The Art of Baseball-
        George Krevsky Gallery
2007 The Urban Myth-Sullivan Goss Gallery
2004 In Search of The American Scene- 
        Sullivan Goss Gallery
2003 Summer Salon Show -Eleanor Ettinger Gallery
2002 New Paintings-Diane Nelson Fine Art
2000 New Paintings-Campbell Thiebaud Gallery

Paul Thiebaud Sacramento, CA
Brad Bird-Pixar, Tiburon, CA
Jean Stern-Irvine Museum, Irvine, CA
The Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Beach, CA
Larry Shar, Julius Lowy Frame & Restoring, New York, NY
Kelly Purcell, Director Paul Thiebaud Gallery, 
San Francisco, CA

Artist Wayne Thiebaud's 2016 Nominee for:
The American Academy of Arts and Letters, NY, NY
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